Looking For Alternative Investment Opportunities?

Invest In Shipping Containers & Earn Fixed Returns Of 12% Or Get Capital Gains 30%+ from Containers Trading Opportunities

Secure, Safe & Low Risk

Containers are trackable and fully insured. Most importantly, they belong to you.

Fixed Return On Investment

We offer a conservative 12% lease for fixed returns but you can also choose a higher income lease which last year generated returns of 24.13% in 2016

Exit At Any Time

Our exit strategy preserves your capital so you can sell your containers at any time

Earn Monthly Rental Income

Purchase 5 or more containers and you will be paid monthly


  • Rental income payments paid monthly when you purchase 5 containers (Quarterly if you own less than 5)
  • Buy back guarantee, total preservation of capital.
  • Containers have consistently outperformed other asset classes. Insured investment.
  • Tax free income.
  • Receive simple, easy to understand statements each month clearly showing your container portfolio performance.

“I am very satisfied with the investment in containers especially if you think that my other options were Forex and stocks that are way more risky and I have to follow up daily. To be honest the most important for me is that I don’t need to spend any of my time and think what to do, they handle everything for me and I get paid on time”

Nikos Sarris Nov. 2015

With over 8100 customers across the world Invest Containers has over half a million containers under lease.


One container can be purchased from just £3200. We rent your containers to traders and transporters who move their goods around the world


With your new fully insured containers you can then select one of the two following options to determine the rate of return you receive:


If you purchase 5 or more containers you will be entitled to receive monthly payments, otherwise you will be paid quarterly. You will receive your income payment on the exact date of each month.

12% Conservative Lease: This option provides a fixed 12% return on your investment per year.

Higher Income Lease: Containers are rented to cargo transporters with the most urgent demands. The returns are variable in nature. This lease has delivered 26% returns per annum for the past 3 years.

No Hidden Costs – Just A One Off £9600 GBP Investment.

If you are serious about growing your wealth with a securely established company please fill out the form above on the page and we will call you directly at your preferred time.

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